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There's a reason Why Culinary Entrepreneurs, Food Trucks, and Michelin Star Restaurants Come to Us for branding, web development, and marketing.



Michelin Star Omakase Sushi

  • Developed a website and verbal identity that communicates Jun-Ni as an unforgettable experience, not just great sushi.
  • Created custom Gyotaku illustrations to stand out on social media. Read the full case study.

Boba Guys

Artisan Milk Tea

  • Jump started their niche concept with a 112% funded crowdfunding campaign.
  • Developed a hashtag that is used industry wide. Read the full case study.

FK Frozen Custard

West Coast Style Frozen Custard

  • Developed a new brand identity that facilitated their growth into multiple categories.
  • Jump started the brand with a 123% funded crowdfunding campaign. Read the full case study.


15 Year Old Japanese Restaurant

  • Up-dated the Ozumo brand identity while retaining its history.
  • Re-positioned brand from "Contemporary Japanese Cuisine" to "Refined Japanese Revelry". 
  • Developed a new website focusing on the Ozumo experience. Read the full case study.

41 Ocean

Ultra Lounge

  • Re-branded 41 Ocean from "A Club That Compliments Your Lifestyle of Work and Play" into "Life in Excess".
  • Developed a website that communicates 41 Ocean as a gateway into epic experiences. Read the full case study.


Sugar And Spun

Gourmet Cotton Candy

  • Re-positioned their product away from "seasonal treat" into an "everyday luxury".
  • Created a new brand identity that separates them from the competition and appeals to their core audience.
  • Developed a new website that encourages online sales. Read the full case study.

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