We Know Food.

Plinth has the unique mix of first hand hospitality experience, creativity, and brand strategy other agencies don't. It's why culinary entrepreneurs, food trucks, and Michelin Star restaurants come to us.



Web + Verbal Identity + Illustration

  • Developed a website and verbal identity that communicates Jun-Ni as an unforgettable experience, not just great sushi.
  • Created custom Gyotaku illustrations to stand out on social media. Read the full case study.

Boba Guys

Marketing + Crowdfunding

  • Jump started their niche concept with a 112% funded crowdfunding campaign.
  • Developed a hashtag that is used industry wide. Read the full case study.

FK Frozen Custard

Branding + Web + Crowdfunding

  • Developed a new brand identity that facilitated their growth into multiple categories.
  • Jump started the brand with a 123% funded crowdfunding campaign. Read the full case study.


Rebrand + Web + Verbal Identity

  • Up-dated the Ozumo brand identity while retaining its history.
  • Re-positioned brand from "Contemporary Japanese Cuisine" to "Refined Japanese Revelry". 
  • Developed a new website focusing on the Ozumo experience. Read the full case study.

41 Ocean

Rebrand + Web + Verbal Identity

  • Re-branded 41 Ocean from "A Club That Compliments Your Lifestyle of Work and Play" into "Life in Excess".
  • Developed a website that communicates 41 Ocean as a gateway into epic experiences. Read the full case study.


Sugar And Spun

Rebrand + Web

  • Re-positioned their product away from "seasonal treat" into an "everyday luxury".
  • Created a new brand identity that separates them from the competition and appeals to their core audience.
  • Developed a new website that encourages online sales. Read the full case study.

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