Lord George

Developing a Unique Web Experience Inspired by a Bar's Namesake


Ezra Berman and Miles Palliser are the SF restauranteurs behind the wildly popular SF Athletic Club and The Corner Store. In 2015, the duo opened a cocktail and oyster bar in South Park called Lord George. As constant innovators, they came up with a new rotating guest bartender program called Mavericks. Concerned that the new program might cause confusion, they came to Plinth to develop a new website that would introduce the Mavericks program without overshadowing Lord George.


  • Refresh the Lord George website in 2 weeks.
  • Incorporate the new Mavericks Bartender program into the website without overpowering the bar's brand.


  • Bring the bar's inspiration, George Gordon, to the forefront.
  • Create a unique mark for the Mavericks program and establish "Mavericks" as a "Stamp of Approval" from Lord George.

Who is Lord George Gordon?

Old Website

Old Website

From the old website, you wouldn't know that Lord George Gordon was an English-born bon vivant who helped develop South Park during the Gold Rush Era. He wasn't actually a "Lord", but he was given that nickname for his community involvement and penchant for merrymaking.




Bringing the bar's namesake to the forefront

The new website featured Lord George Gordon, the person, right from the start. This helped to communicate the unique inspiration behind the bar's name and made it easier to establish how the Mavericks program would fit into the brand.

Establish "Maverick" as a sEAL of approval from lord george

In order to communicate Mavericks as a mark of approval from Lord George, we developed a seal that could act as a stamp on the new seasonal bar program. 

A design that encourages people to explore

Lord George Gordon was an inquisitive man, he was always exploring new places and opportunities. As people clicked onto each section of the website they would briefly be brought to a "curtain," which would then reveal its contents as they scrolled.

As each section is revealed, people were brought to a quote about food, drink, or celebration that fit with Lord George's personality. The quote was then followed by a series of photos from the menus below.

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