Hub Streat Food Truck Derby

Hub Streat Food Truck Derby

How We Used $300 in Social Media Ads to Generate $30k in Revenue


Hub Streat is a Culinary Entertainment Center in Downtown Plano, TX that is expected to open April 2017. Weather, construction, and permitting pushed the opening back for over a year. To start generating revenue, Hub Streat decided to host a food truck event in their parking lot at the end of Jan. 2017.

Hub Streat came to us to design a social media campaign to promote the event.


  • Design a 2 week campaign to promote the Food Truck Rally
  • Grow their social media following essentially from scratch without the help of native content.


  • Design digital flyer, social media graphics, and print poster
  • Generate shareable content that leverages participating food trucks' social media
  • Grow an e-email list by encouraging people to RSVP on their website (rather than just on the Facebook event page)
  • Use growth hacking strategies to increase the efficiency of ad spending

ProMOTIONAL design

Hub Streat wanted their Food Truck Rally to be a friendly contest of food trucks. During the event, people would vote for best truck.

To help communicate the concept more effectively, we changed the event name to "Food Truck Derby" and developed the slogan "Choose Your Chompion".

The next step was to design a new Facebook cover and graphics that could be used as a digital flyer and print poster.

FTR poster.jpg


With Hub Streat still under construction, their social media following was still in its infancy. Without photos of the space or menu, their Facebook page only had 350 followers and a 50 person email list.

Our strategy was to leverage the social media following of the participating food trucks as well as the local beer brands featured at the event.

Email enables brands to connect to their audience more directly. To grow their email list from 50-500 in 2 weeks, we encouraged people to RSVP for the event on to ensure entry in case of capacity. This email list could be used to communicate news about the upcoming grand opening or future events.

Growth Hacking

In order to refine our audience targeting, we studied the analytics of the posts with the highest organic engagement. We took that information in order to maximize the effectiveness of the our ad spending.

Since video has higher engagement than photos, we designed a short promotional video from graphics and stock photos.


Our 2 week campaign along with $300 in ad spending attracted 3500 attendees generating $30K in revenue.

FTR info graphic.png

With good branding and smart social media strategy anything is possible. What do you have in mind?