Websites Designed to Grow Business

Websites Designed to Grow Business

Each visit to your site, every click and swipe, is a precious business opportunity. 

We design websites that captivatE your audience and convert them into customers

After all the hard work you put into building your business, your website should do more than just list your services and look pretty. That's why we design sites that:

  • Convey your brand
  • Are optimized for mobile
  • Are easy to maintain 
  • Compel visitors to become customers

Here's a Recent Web Make Over:


Sugar And Spun

Turning a Seasonal Treat Into an Everyday Luxury 

Website, Branding

Sugar And Spun sells all natural gourmet candy with innovative flavors like Matcha Green Tea Latté and Piña Colada. They came to Plinth to develop a website where customers could buy their treats online.

After our initial meeting, we advised them that their business would benefit greatly from a re-brand before we built their new online storefront. 


The old site used their old branding dominated with pink hues common to many cotton candy brands. It also featured a close up shot of their cotton candy (which is NOT PHOTOGENIC).

Our challenge was to make Sugar And Spun stand out from the rest and find a way to convey to the experience and flavor on their products online.



We discovered that Sugar And Spun's core customers were women. We developed a new brand system that would position their product away from being a seasonal treat and more into becoming an everyday luxury.  

We took inspiration from the cosmetics industry and used black as a background to allow the colors pop. We brought out the whimsical nature of cotton candy and using paper craft and color blocking. 

Are you ready to transform your website
from an expense into a profitable investment?