People don't back crowdfunding campaigns, they support the people and the story behind them.

With that being said, crafting your project's story in a compelling manner and having a strategy to communicate it is crucial to campaign's success. 

Through art direction, great copy, and social media strategy, we help you gain backers and turn them into your biggest evangelists.

Here's an example of our storytelling at work:



A Philippine Tribal Dance Production of The Tempest

126% Funded

Kularts, the nation’s premier presenter of contemporary and tribal Pilipino arts, is producing Maség. This ambitious project uses The Tempest as framework to tell a magical tale of a power, intrigue, and witchcraft through indigenous Philippine Dance and original choreography. They came to Plinth to help crowdfund the production of their show.

How do you pique interest for such a niche production?


Create a video that draws people in with the story of the show not just the great people behind it.

For such a niche dance production we decided that the crowdfunding video for Maség had to do more than just rally people behind a good cause. We had to intrigue people with the story they were going to support. Along with information about about the producers and choreographers, we gave the historical context to the Maség storyline by placing it in the grand time scale of Philippine history. We gave preview of the mythical story that would unfold in the choreography.


Build excitement about this interpretation of Shakespeare through social media.

To create further interest in the historical context of the Maség story we art directed shareable flip books to on social media highlighting remnants of the lost history of Pre-Hispanic Philippines. We also created blog posts from the perspectives of the characters of Maség to build intrigue around Kularts re-telling of the Tempest.

Every cause, product, or brand has a story. What's yours? Are you ready to uncover your story to rally people to your campaign?