Data Driven Strategy

Data Driven Strategy

The strength of  Plinthology is that strategies aren't only distilled from our experience, they're derived from concrete data.

Many crowdfunding "agencies/consultants" will simply show you video interviews with successful project creators.

If that's what you're looking for, we're not for you. 

We understand that every campaign is different. That's why we perform extensive research to devise a campaign specific strategy to decide:

  • The ideal platform
  • Campaign length and goal
  • Reward tier strategy
  • Social media timing
  • Funnel strategy to determine target # of backers
  • Ad optimization and targeting

Our method comes from successful campaigns we've executed for a multitude of clients and the power of data to create strategies tailored to achieve your business goal.

With Plinth, you'll get more than success stories, you'll get real tools, customized strategies, and real personalized guidance.