Mirage Medicinal

Mirage Medicinal

Designing a Website for a Cannabis Company in Transition



Mirage Medicinal is a family business started in Northern California by Malcolm Joshua Weitz and his father, Jerome Weitz, in 2012.

In late 2014, whilst raising the capital and laying the foundation to be a registered California medical cannabis co-operative, Malcom was arrested and sentenced to 1 year in New York’s Riker’s Island prison.

After his release in 2016, California legalized recreational cannabis use. Despite having a drug conviction on his record, he was determined to continue building Mirage and joined his family in advocating for the San Francisco Cannabis Equity Program.

The program was to ensure people of color and cannabis criminals would not be shut out of the opportunity of the emerging legalization movement in California, as they had been in other legal cannabis states.

One of the 1st Applicants Accepted to the Cannabis Equity Program

Malcom became one of the 1st to be accepted into the Equity program and turned to Plinth to develop a website that would help Mirage transition from a strictly medicinal cannabis co-operative into a recreational dispensary hoping to open in 2019.


  • Stay in line with the established Mirage Medicinal brand.

  • Keep previous medicinal clients and future recreational clients engaged. with up to date with news on the opening of the new dispensary.

  • Make the website easy for Mirage Medicinal staff to update information.


  • Put communication first, make the home page a constantly changing home for news on Mirage and the cannabis industry.

  • Design the home page to mimic social media feeds to encourage interaction and sharing.

Web design

Mirage Medicinal is still in the process of attaining their recreational cannabis license. To keep previous medicinal clients and engage new recreational clients before their grand opening, we designed to the home page to feature a constantly changing feed of curated information.

Mirage macbook mockup 3.png

Our homepage design encourages people to constantly check the website for updates on the business, their community projects, events, and news on their grand opening.


It’s no secret most users are on the web on mobile devices. When seen on mobile, the new Mirage Medicinal website reads like an Instagram feed.

On mobile, the tiled design turns into a vertical scrolling feed that takes advantage of how people are accustomed to navigating news and social media websites.

Making it Easy for Mirage Staff To Update

A web design like this requires constant updating. We made each tile of the website a blog entry. Using this format makes it so that adding new is as easy as posting a blog and requires no coding.

mirage phone tiles.png

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