Cinematografo: Design + Online Marketing

Cinematografo: Design + Online Marketing

Reaching New Audiences with Strategy, Creative Design, and Digital Marketing


ABS-CBN is a global Filipino media company with the majority of their U.S. audience consisting of older Filipinos born in the Philippines.

In 2017, ABS-CBN created the Cinematografo International Film Festival in San Francisco to help reach the younger Filipino-American audience. In 2018, Cinematografo expanded their programming to feature shorts, documentaries, and films from around the globe.

ABS-CBN came to Plinth to design marketing materials and a digital ad campaign that would appeal to a broader audience.


  • Art direct and design marketing materials that would help Cinematografo appeal to U.S. audiences.

  • Develop Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to build awareness of the their brand and drive traffic to their website.


  • Use Blue Note as design inspiration for the Cinematografo poster and festival program to appeal to a broader audience.

  • Use Facebook ads targeting past film festival goers, artists, and the younger Bay Area Filipino-American community.


ABS-CBN wanted Cinematografo to resonate with U.S. audiences despite the fact that festival programming would be centered around the global Filipino experience.

Our design strategy was to take inspiration from the iconic Blue Note record label.


Incorporating elements of Blue Note into the new poster and festival program gave Cinematografo instant familiarity with American audiences along with the sense of creative innovation associated with the historic jazz label.

FAcebook ad campaign to build awareness and drive traffic

Our Facebook and Instagram digital marketing campaign yielded amazing results:

OCT 2018

  • 211% Increase in web traffic compared to 2017

NOV 2018

  • 56% Increase in web traffic compared to 2017

abs cbn web traffic new.png

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