Bluxome Center: Event Marketing and Web Design

Bluxome Center: Event Marketing and Web Design

Engaging the Community Through Event Marketing


Alexandria Real Estate created a new neighborhood space for community and educational events in SF’s SoMa District called Bluxome Center.

Before the official launch of the Bluxome Center, Alexandria enlisted Make It Mariko to produce an event to promote the new space, draw support from the community, and highlight Bluxome St.’s local businesses. Make It Mariko turned to Plinth to help create a concept for the event and market it to the public.


  • Create an event that would promote Bluxome Center as a new community space and begin to establish Bluxome St. as the center of a vibrant neighborhood.

  • Market the event to the Soma neighborhood and beyond.


  • Take advantage of California’s extended summer weather and create an event that is explicitly family friendly

  • Develop a promotional website for the event to gather emails, promote local businesses, and allow Alexandria to continue having the event in the future.


To promote the opening of the Bluxome Center, we created a neighborhood block party called the Bluxome St. Fair.


The Bluxome St. Fair is “A celebration of Bluxome Street business and the Soma community”.

Together with the Make It Mariko team, we programmed a neighborhood block party complete with live musical performances, craft fair, dog run, BBQ cook off and activities for children like face painting and lego building.

In addition to a day filled with family friendly activities, 10% of the proceeds went to benefit the Westbay Multi-Service Center, a Soma non-profit organization.



Creating a promotional website serves to give the event its own identity. It provides the chance to be able to highlight all the activities and provides a separate home for the event should Alexandria decide to continue the event in the future.

bluxome st fair mockup.png

Since the event is free for everyone, we created a raffle to collect emails by RSVP-ing to the event. The email list from the event can be used to reach out the community for future events and promote booking the Bluxome Center.



On social media, video is key. We developed the storyboards and copy for video ads to be used on Facebook and Instagram.

We developed videos focused on celebrating summer, highlighting the local businesses, as well as the performers participating in the event.



To encourage sharing from the local participating businesses and performers, we designed social media graphics for them to post on their instagram with Bluxome St. Fair branding.


The Bluxome St. Fair was a resounding success. Over 500 attendees of all ages as well as families and their dogs were introduced to a vibrant new area.

With only $1k budget to spend on social media ads we were able to generate over $6k in sales for local businesses and collected over 1000 emails.

Events are a powerful way to promote a business, brand, or cause. If you’d like to connect to people with an amazing experience…