Covo: A Website for a Growing Coworking Company

Covo: A Website for a Growing Coworking Company

A New Website that Incorporates a New Location and a Growing Brand. 



Covo is a unique coworking space located in the heart of San Francisco's SoMa District. It's a family business founded by Rebecca Brian Pan, husband Jason Pan, and her brother Daniel Brian. Each member of the team believes in the power of entrepreneurship to change lives and uplift the community. 

Only a year after opening their 1st location in August 2016, they planned to open a new location in St. Louis, Missouri. The Covo team turned to Plinth to develop a new website for their rapidly growing company.


Create a new website that incorporates both locations and allows for the expansion of the Covo brand.

Original website

Covo's original website worked well for a company with a single location. The original website focused heavily on the beauty of the space as well as their amenities and life enhancements.

Top of original website.

Top of original website.

Scrolling down on original website.

Scrolling down on original website.

With Covo expanding into St. Louis, Missouri at the end of 2017, they needed a new web design that could tie in both locations while maintaining their brand.


  • Explore and distill Covo's brand values.
  • Create a promotional website specifically for the new St. Louis location in order to build anticipation and begin marketing during construction.
  • Develop the new website around Covo's core values and communicate that Covo is more than a coworking space, it's a community.
  • Create content that highlights Covo members who are doing work that uplifts the community.


For a brand to truly resonate with people, it needs to clearly communicate what it stands for.

covo values.jpg
covo brand cards.jpg

Although Covo had their logo and color palette established, we conducted a brand exploration with Covo in order to unearth the brand's core values. 

These brand values would guide the strategy, design, and copy for the new websites.


Covo had chosen the historic Mississippi Valley Trust building in downtown St. Louis as their new location. The Mississippi Valley Trust was an initial supporter of the St. Louis World Fair. We used the building and downtown St. Louis's history of innovation as the theme for the promotional website.

Promotional site: historic photos of the new location.

Promotional site: historic photos of the new location.

Promotional site: historic photos of St Louis Arc.

Promotional site: historic photos of St Louis Arc.

Since the new location was still under construction, we used a mix of historic black and white photos of building and the surrounding neighborhood. Small illustrations using the Covo brand colors were used to hint at what was to come.


The first thing we did was use a tiled photo layout for the homepage. The layout and photo treatment works to convey that feeling of community by emulating the style of a social media feed.

"We designed the new website around community, culture, and the amazing things people accomplish working out of Covo."
- Desi Danganan, Plinth Managing Director

Rather than focus on space photography upfront, we used photos depicting the wonderful moments that happen between Covo members. 

covo new super long shadow.png

Where the original website showcased amenities, we chose to highlight case studies of Covo members who were working on projects that help make the world a better place, a value at the center of Covo's brand.

Through some brand building and a design based on strategy, covo's new website unlocks their potential for growth.


Rebecca Brian Pan, Covo CEO

Rebecca Brian Pan, Covo CEO

"Plinth helped us maintain our competitive advantage in the digital realm, something we have struggled with as a brick and mortar enterprise. 

The new site helps future customers quickly scan the content, but dive in much deeper if Covo resonates with them. It also future-proofs us for scale. Our original site was for one location, Plinth helped us figure out how to add additional locations and the confusing logic behind doing so. 

I loved working with the Plinth team. They work well together, have complimentary skills that extend their bench of expertise, and always had creative, thoughtful, on-brand ideas for us. 

Plus, they are fun guys who work hard, which means they know how to create an appealing brand, and do so in a timely manner."

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