Campaign Coaching

Campaign Coaching

We'll be in your corner
to train, prepare, and guide your team every step of the way. 

Our Plinth Academy coaching program is for those who have already have a creative team

Each week we work with your team to build every element of your campaign. During the campaign, we'll be there to provide insights on how to maximize your efforts.

Plinthology Courses

We teach your team our proven methodology to give strategic direction to your campaign. 

Customized Campaign Coaching

Since every campaign is unique, we develop project specific tactics for:

  • Platform selection
  • Campaign length and goal
  • Reward tier strategy
  • Social media timing
  • Press outreach
  • Video
  • Vendors
  • Determine the # of backers you'll need
  • Ad optimization and targeting
  • More

Project Management

Timing and coordination is crucial. As your coach, we'll be there to help ensure deadlines are met and that all the components are working together.

Active Campaign Coaching

Opportunities and challenges always present themselves during the campaign. We'll be there to help you take advantage of special opportunities and navigate challenges that arise.

Not sure about what you need? We're always happy to help you figure out what's best for your project.