Bombzies BBQ

Developing a Website and Verbal Identity With As Much Flavor As Their Food.


Bombzies BBQ started their business with a Weber grill. The demand for food quickly outgrew their Weber grill and they became a popular stand at many food festivals. Soon after, they had army of professional grills, stands, and a new food truck. 

In the mobile food business, getting booked for large events, festivals, and corporate catering is where the money's at. Unfortunately, their website made them look like they were still working with their tiny Weber grill. Bombzies came to Plinth to update their website.


  • Create a website that would attract customers to their pop-up locations
  • Attract more corporate, event, and festival clients


  • Develop a more multi-dimensional brand platform around current their assets (name and logo)
  • Communicate flavor through photography
  • Verbal Identity: Develop a tagline and web copy
  • Streamline online ordering and booking for catering 

Unearthing Core Values

Brands who communicate strong core values provide something more than a logo or product for people to connect with. Not only do core values give meaning to a brand, they help guide future business and creative decisions.

In order to uncover their brand values, we conducted a brand exploration the Bombzies partners.  We used a brand cards exercise to help them define were and who they weren't. The results from our brand exploration to were used develop this crucial part of  their brand DNA.  

Verbal Identity

To begin the development of a strong verbal identity, we created brand personas which resonated with their core audience. After we refined the personality behind the Bombzies brand, we created brand language that would help Bombzies stand apart from their competition.

"Where There's Flame,

There's Flavor!"

Bombzies prides itself on always grilling on location. The flame, smoke, and aroma are big reasons why people book them. The new tagline serves to communicate what makes them different.

Original WebSITE

Original Bombzies website.

Original Bombzies website.

Bombzies BBQ had tons of flavor,  their website didn't. Their original site failed to communicate the Bombzies experience. The catering request section lacked information and made it difficult to book them. 

Most of all, the website didn't reflect a company that could be trusted to handle large events and corporate catering.


The new website showcased their new tagline and brought their brand colors to the forefront. For each section, we used custom photography and developed copy that communicated what makes Bombzies special: fun, smoke, flame and flavor.

Streamling Catering and Booking

To streamline the booking process for catering and special events, we built a menu with new photography and descriptions. For the online ordering form, we used drop down options instead of blank fields to make it easier for them to organize and fulfill orders on the back end. 

Bombzies came to Plinth for a minor website update. What they got was a brand and a New website that would grow business instead of holding it back.